252. Reading Material

This is always the end result of a reading session.  (He will be upset with me when he sees this photo!)  Subject: My Husband.  Book: Inside The Third Reich, Memoirs by Albert Speer



121. Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins

Setting my camera on the tripod,  self-timer and slow shutter speed produced the perfect ghostly image of me.


251. Razor Sharp

I’m ashamed to admit that, until this morning, I have let this ritual pass me by without thinking about today’s theme.


55. Closely Cropped

This photo would have fit under several themes, i.e. “Legs,” or “Trash Or Treasure,” to name a few but I chose “Closely Cropped” because if that dress were “cropped” just one more inch, it would have caused pandemonium.