80. Drive Thru Or Take Out

Sometimes it’s faster to walk in than drive through the drive thru but isn’t it nice to have that choice?



75. Dessert

There’s nothing better than warm brownies ala mode.


220. Outdoor Cooking

There is nothing better than a juicy grilled steak.


65. Cookery

My husband has suddenly become interested in learning to cook.  Poor guy figures if he ever gets a homecooked meal, he’ll have to prepare it himself, I suppose!  One has to learn to crawl before they begin walking so he has started his learning process with the slow cooker.  This morning he is preparing “Gone-All-Day Diner.”


114. Fruits Of The Season

If you do not have a Fresh Market near your home, you are missing out on one of the greatest grocery shopping experiences.


34. Breakfast

The waitress looked at me out of the corner of her eye this morning.  Wonder why?