303. Still Life

I’m practicing using the new 20 x 20 lightbox my husband made for me.  I’m happy with the lightbox but am using 2 clamps with 60W CFL 5500k bulbs.  I wonder if I should use 100W instead.  I’d like to hear what you’re using if you’re using a lightbox.



207. On My Table

Three candleholders on the table behind my living room couch.


141. Hangs On A Wall

As some of you may recall, my husband and I are realtors and our line of work puts us in contact with people from all over the World.  The owner of a house we recently listed is originally from Salzburg, Austria and as a tribute to her father, who was a composer and violinist, and to her sister, who was an opera singer, she placed these objects and photo on the wall in a prominent place as a remembrance and tribute to them.  Her father handwrote the musical composition and the violin and bow belonged to him.  I was so touched to see such a beautiful display of affection.


81. Earrings

I am a costume jewelry junkie.