323. The Wild Side

As I was walking in the woods a few weeks ago, I could not help but notice these wild flowers peeking around the tree.  It made me think that we often admire beautiful manicured gardens but take very little notice of “the wild side.”



51. City Lights

View from my deck as I watch the City of Chattanooga come alive in the evening.

DSC_7714.51 Web

15. Autumn

As the dogwoods in the yard of my Tennessee home begin to turn colors, it is my first indication that autumn is approaching.

DSC_7701.15 Web

244. Public Transportation

I am trying desperately to do a little catch up as I have had 2 surgeries and an office procedure since July 30th!  I have just now began feeling well enough to get out and take photographs.  This one was taken at the Chattanooga, TN Aquarium and I thought fit very nicely for the public transportation theme.

DSC_7680.244 Web

325. Things That Go

As I saw this train coming down the track, I immediately thought of “things that go.”

DSC_7655.325 copy

94. Fasteners

Down by the railroad track this afternoon.

DSC_7650.94 Web