252. Reading Material

This is always the end result of a reading session.  (He will be upset with me when he sees this photo!)  Subject: My Husband.  Book: Inside The Third Reich, Memoirs by Albert Speer



13 Responses

  1. He looks like he is sleeping good too! Wonderful in black and white!

  2. Now that just goes to prove that all is fair in Love and War, what a nasty trick, you must be one of the Systers.

  3. Great composition, and I like the B&W. Your subject looks so peaceful and relaxed….I gotta get me a copy of those Third Reich memoirs!

  4. If the photo was unflattering, like him snoring with his mouth open, then he might have cause to be upset. But this is a great photo. Really depicts him as a good-looking man – even in B&W. Good take for the theme.

  5. I love this shot and, truly, he has no real reason to be upset with you for posting this. He looks absolutely adorable. And you can tell him I said that! 😉

  6. Tell him to go easy on you because this is a really nice photograph!!

  7. That is a sweet photo! And I bet that book has put it’s share of readers to sleep…

  8. So funny! When I tried to get a similar shot of my DH, he didn’t even open his eyes but said “Don’t even THINK about it!!!” Congrats on a great shot!

  9. maybe it’s just his reading selections that cause this condition! lol perhaps a book off Oprah’s reading list would keep him with eyes open longer! *wink*

  10. Well, if he looks this good sleeping, you have to show us one of him awake! Nice shot!

  11. Super shot! I’ll defend you if he give you grief for posting this.

  12. Great shot! I laughed because that’s what happens when I read at night, too.

  13. Great capture! Maybe it depends on his choice of literature …;)

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