357. What’s For Dinner?

This little fellow positioned himself alongside the golf cart path late this afternoon with nut held tightly as if to say, “My dinner is more important than your golf game and I’m not budging.”



157. In My Neighborhood

As you can see from the water level, we are in a drought in Sarasota.  This was taken from Hole 18 overlooking the lake toward the pro shop and restaurant in my neighborhood.


115. Furry

It’s always refreshing to see new plant life emerge.


My Own Theme 1. Indigo

I was playing around again this evening with my new lightbox and added a filter to 3 martini glasses filled with soda water and red, yellow and green food color.  Wow, the end result was quite interesting.


277. Seven

The 7th Hole at University Park Country Club, in our community.


156. Imported

Lucky for me that this car was parked in the lot today when I was grocery shopping and my camera was in my car.


29. Bodies Of Water

The weather was especially beautiful today so we took a short drive down to Venice, FL for a day of relaxation.  This photo was taken from the jetty looking across the water to one of the beaches.