55. Closely Cropped

This photo would have fit under several themes, i.e. “Legs,” or “Trash Or Treasure,” to name a few but I chose “Closely Cropped” because if that dress were “cropped” just one more inch, it would have caused pandemonium.



7 Responses

  1. I can hardly wait to hear Ron’s comments as well! I say if that is “cropped” any shorter, well, WOW!!

  2. Now, if that don’t beat all! Taking photos based on what Ron will say. Well, I never!!! lol lol lol

    Yes, closely cropped would take it into a whole new realm. But this is a great photo. Love the dark skin against the red. And the boots make her outfit absolutely stunning! Great shade of red, and good composition of legs.

  3. Trust Mary to play Devils Advocate, But she is right, if I had seen those legs on the street I could very well have suffered whiplash, and spent a week in hospital with all those nurses! It is a great shot with outstanding contrast texture and superb cropping, but from a personal taste point of view, she should have been wearing High heels as I AM AN ANKLE MAN from wayback. It’s good that Mary recognizes that Dirty Old Men need love too! You Are A Challenge Mary.

  4. Hmm.I think Ron’s comments were fairly subdued!! Great shot but I sure hope she doesn’t trip on the back of her dress!!

  5. I think Sally was looking over his shoulder as he typed, moderating what he really wanted to say! Super shot and great impact with the colors and angles.

  6. That certainly is a unique outfit…..was it taken at night? lol Love all that color!

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