75. Dessert

There’s nothing better than warm brownies ala mode.



10 Responses

  1. You’ll get your just deserts, I hope it isn’t arounf the waist, and with that Diet Ice Cream (Not) it shouldn’t be a problem. Great (Mouthwatering) take on this theme.

  2. Looks delish!! Desserts are awesome!!

  3. MMmmmmm, chocolate brownies – I can taste them melting in my mouth! Fabulous! I am a desert type of girl (unfortunately)!

  4. Now you are making me want an afternoon snack. I like the blue tablecloth and the BlueBell icecream. Nice contrast to the yummy brownies.

  5. I like the arrangement of the items and the perspective you shot from. Yummy and very well done….

  6. Another favorite of mine, brownies.

  7. Yummmy! Makes me hungry! And me not attracted to sweets kind of person. 😀

  8. Oh, I love Blue Bell ice cream from my Texas days. Thanks for the memory.

  9. Nice background and perspective on this yummy food photo. And an all-time classic dessert…

  10. Hope you have enough for everyone!

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