256. Reflections

My first thought was to place this in the Surise … Sunset category but I liked the reflections of the sun in the wine glass and the  blue sky, sun, lake and palm tree in the stem of the wine glass so I am placing it in the Reflections theme.  Scene: My back yard.  Wine: Oyster Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, 2007, Marlborough, New Zealand.



169. Leaves

Croton bushes are grown mostly in warmer, tropical temperatures and can grow to a height of 5 – 6 feet or more.  Their leaves are thick and rubbery and one bush will produce a colorful range of rainbow colors, as evidenced by this photo of hand picked leaves from a bush planted in the corner of my lanai.


251. Razor Sharp

I’m ashamed to admit that, until this morning, I have let this ritual pass me by without thinking about today’s theme.


112. From The Sea

Apparently Mom did not want her child to take these inside as they were left on the beach yesterday.


253. Recessionary Economics

Riding down US 301 yesterday, I noticed this billboard. 


339. Trio

“Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil,” was the way a long time employee of The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort on Longboat Key lived her life.  Unfortunately, her life was cut short a few weeks ago but her memory will live on.  As a memorial to her, and to show their love for her, the owners of the Resort placed this sculpture at the entrance to the restaurant.


331. Times Gone By

The moss draped oak trees of Towles Court have shaded and protected this historic enclave of bungalows and cottages for nearly a century.  Today, it has blossomed into a flourishing colony of artists.  When you visit Towles Court Artist Colony you step into Sarasota’s history, her present and her future.  There is no other place quite like it in our City.