108. For Sale

If anyone is thinking about buying or leasing a house on Longboat Key, I know a good realtor!



328. Tie The Knot

Down by the Bay there are posts with ropes running through them that provide a barrier between the parking lot and the water.  At the end of each is a huge hand tied knot.


349. Vine

These vines are of the Philodendron family and you will find them climbing nearly to the tops of our trees. 


24. Bent

Our manacured palm trees have beautiful green fronds; however, if left in their natural state the fronds underneath will turn brown.  I shot this unmanacured palm tree from underneath; therefore, more brown fronds than green but still beautiful, I think.


207. On My Table

Three candleholders on the table behind my living room couch.


332. Tools Of The Trade

These tools belong to Erich, my handyman who can repair anything.


196. Navigational Aids

All Captains must have skills and knowledge required to maintain safe navigation of a vessel through the use of radar and other electronic navigational aids.