45. Chair

This chair was passed to my husband after his parents died.  His Grandmother was of German descent and we think it may have belonged to her and given to my husband’s Mother.  I chose to photograph only the back to show off the detail and the inlaid Mother Of Pearl (small round circles), which are also on the arms.  The chair is semi-circle in design and fits nicely in a corner.  Unfortunately, we know very little about the chair or the circa so hopefully someone knows about antiques and can provide some information based upon this photo and description.



11 Responses

  1. There is no substitute for great craftsmanship, and your photo compliments it well

  2. What a beautiful chair and design! Love the detail!

  3. Can’t help on identifying the piece, but it sure is lovely!

  4. Such beautiful inlay! What a wonderful family heirloom and a great photo. Maybe the Antiques Roadshow will come to your area…I’d love to hear what they would have to say about your beautiful chair.

  5. It is beautiful, when you find out about it you’ll have to tell.

  6. such amazing details it’s gorgeous! I’d love to know more about it if it were mine as well!

  7. don’t have a clue to help out, but your chair is divine! they sure don’t make things like they used to that’s for sure. unfortunately.

  8. Gorgeous. A real treasure.

  9. It’s a beautiful photo of a beautiful chair. I really like how well you’ve captured even the smallest detail!

  10. That’s a really unique chair and a treasure to enjoy daily!

  11. Wow….what an amazing piece of furniture to own. I only wish my DH’s Swedish/German family had handed down such treasures…

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