88. Eyes

I was out in the farmlands of Florida today and ran acrosso this little fellow.  He is a minature horse and fell instantly in love with me and was extremely curious about my camera.  I honestly could not get away from him.  As I was trying to photograph him, he would stick his nose through the fence and lick my arm.  I know this isn’t the best photograph I could have gotten but at this very moment he stuck his nose through the fence again and right up to my camera as I snapped this picture.  The only thing I did to this photo was to add a slight sharpen.  Oh, was he ever cute!



7 Responses

  1. This is my smile of the day image – you can read everything this guy is thinking in one eye – I think you have made a friend for life!! Nice!

  2. What a fun shot! I wish I’d seen you and your new friend…

  3. Great shot. Nice story to go with the photo.

  4. I love this, lucky he didn’t lick your camera

  5. I have always been told “focus on the eye and the rest will follow”. For this theme that is all you needed, I think its great.

  6. Great shot. I love Florida’s farmland. It is always so surprising to find little farms tucked away on dirt roads.

  7. What a great shot, I love the perspective.

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