266. Rusted

A rusted chain link around a rusted post.



88. Eyes

I was out in the farmlands of Florida today and ran acrosso this little fellow.  He is a minature horse and fell instantly in love with me and was extremely curious about my camera.  I honestly could not get away from him.  As I was trying to photograph him, he would stick his nose through the fence and lick my arm.  I know this isn’t the best photograph I could have gotten but at this very moment he stuck his nose through the fence again and right up to my camera as I snapped this picture.  The only thing I did to this photo was to add a slight sharpen.  Oh, was he ever cute!


227. Past It’s Prime

I believe this speaks for itself.


295. Something Missing

Hmmm … it looks like everything is intact on this truck I found abandoned in the field but upon closer examination I discovered there was something missing.  It looks as if the owner took what was most important to him and left an empty gun rack!  This made me giggle.