220. Outdoor Cooking

There is nothing better than a juicy grilled steak.



10 Responses

  1. Let’s throw another slab on the Barby, as we say down under.

  2. I am ready, when are you bringing it over?? My mouth is watering, I have not had a good steak forever! Awesome image!

  3. Very nice, you caught the flames and everything. Well done.

  4. Picture is great because it captures the natural light and colour of grilling at night. I grill all year on my covered deck – food is so much better

  5. Flames….ah….now I know where to go to get that special shot of fire/flames when I need it. You can almost smell the fat snapping off the edge of the meat as it cooks.

  6. Ahhh, what a great shot!

  7. Great shot. It makes me want to be out in our motor home camping and cooking outside! I can’t wait for Spring……

  8. I second that….

  9. This is wonderful Mary Nell. I love the monochromatic tones. The flames are fabulous.

  10. You captured the warmth–definitely a plus on a cold day. The heat radiates.

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