114. Fruits Of The Season

If you do not have a Fresh Market near your home, you are missing out on one of the greatest grocery shopping experiences.



13 Responses

  1. I can not believe how great all your photos have been so far! Are you going to post any duds?

  2. Nice looking apples, reminds me of one of my daughter’s books, when she was a child “Who Cried for Pie?” Now we can all cry for pie.

  3. MMMMmmmmm, your fruit looks very tasteful (to the mouth and eyes)! Very nice job!

  4. Oh, Julie, you make me laugh. Duds coming up, I promise! Thanks to everyone for your comments.

  5. What a fantastic shot…makes me want to go out to the market right now.

  6. Scrumptious!
    and like everyone else, I’m loving all your pics!

    and Julie,
    You can find the duds on my blog! It is my plan to start bad and finish fantastic. LOL (or maybe it’s just my hope! hee hee)

  7. Love the photo. Great color, angle and clarity. Looks like there won’t be any duds here!!

  8. We do have a Fresh Market not too far away and you are right about them! Your photo is super!

  9. This is a truly wonderful shot. The colours are beautiful and the apples looks delicious! You have such a great start to your challenge!

  10. Beautiful shot! I like everything about it.

  11. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments.

  12. I love the angle of this photo! The colors are really crisp … no pun intended!

  13. Great shot! Those apples look ready to eat.

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