45. Chair

This chair was passed to my husband after his parents died.  His Grandmother was of German descent and we think it may have belonged to her and given to my husband’s Mother.  I chose to photograph only the back to show off the detail and the inlaid Mother Of Pearl (small round circles), which are also on the arms.  The chair is semi-circle in design and fits nicely in a corner.  Unfortunately, we know very little about the chair or the circa so hopefully someone knows about antiques and can provide some information based upon this photo and description.



286. Skeletal

I found this hanging on a fence and it’s perfect for the skeletal theme.


228. Patriotic

Today as we drove by the many beautiful farms in eastern Manatee County, we could not help but notice that a great many property owners were flying American flags. 


266. Rusted

A rusted chain link around a rusted post.


88. Eyes

I was out in the farmlands of Florida today and ran acrosso this little fellow.  He is a minature horse and fell instantly in love with me and was extremely curious about my camera.  I honestly could not get away from him.  As I was trying to photograph him, he would stick his nose through the fence and lick my arm.  I know this isn’t the best photograph I could have gotten but at this very moment he stuck his nose through the fence again and right up to my camera as I snapped this picture.  The only thing I did to this photo was to add a slight sharpen.  Oh, was he ever cute!


227. Past It’s Prime

I believe this speaks for itself.


295. Something Missing

Hmmm … it looks like everything is intact on this truck I found abandoned in the field but upon closer examination I discovered there was something missing.  It looks as if the owner took what was most important to him and left an empty gun rack!  This made me giggle.